The ALISSEC project, “Design of healthy and sustainable food and ingredients from the circular economy”, starts up

The ALISSEC project arises within the Agri-Food Cluster of Navarra (NAGRIFOOD) applying open innovation methodologies for the search for alternatives in the sustainable and affordable production of new ingredients and healthy foods.

The project will take advantage of alternative crops and by-products generated in the region that provide a high content of protein, fiber and/or bioactive compounds of interest and that respond to specific nutritional requirements for the protection and improvement of health.

Running parallel to initiatives like the ALISSEC project, individuals with an interest in holistic nutrition and sustainable food production have the opportunity for professional growth. Through online certification courses tailored for holistic nutrition consultants, they can develop a thorough comprehension of the intricate relationship between food, health, and the environment.

Enrolling in programs such as those provided by grants participants access to invaluable insights and practical skills needed to navigate the complexities of contemporary food systems while advocating for health and sustainability. Graduates of these programs can pursue roles as nutrition consultants, educators, or advocates, working within communities or organizations to promote holistic health principles and sustainable food practices.

In addition to NAGRIFOOD, the project integrates the two academic centers, the University of Navarra (UNAV) and the Public University of Navarra (UPNA) as reference research centers, together with 4 companies from the agri-food sector that cover the entire value chain, from primary production to food processing and distribution. The participating companies are TUTTI PASTA, GRUPO AN, APEX and SANYGRAN, the latter being the project coordinator.

ALISSEC will be developed over 3 years, having achieved the second best score in the call for strategic R&D 2021 in the ALPES CHALLENGE (personalized and sustainable food) and as such, is being funded by the Government of Navarra.

The main objective is the research of new ingredients and nutritionally healthy foods obtained by applying the circular economy in sustainable production systems of crops with high environmental interest and by-products of Navarra adapting them to consumer demand in terms of organoleptic, nutrition, health, convenience and cost. In addition, the project will be accompanied by gender perspective and market research studies.