Mission · Vision · Values


The principle aim of Agrifood Cluster of Navarre is to contribute towards ensuring that member businesses grow in the near future; providing an economic return on investment by exploring new business opportunities; and improving competitiveness in the new global settings that are taking shape.


The Agrifood Cluster of Navarre should be a benchmark in collaborative innovation, and not just for the regional sector, but also on a European and international scale in both the quality and quantity of projects implemented, as well as for acknowledging the Navarran brand as synonymous for food competitiveness.


Agrifood Cluster of Navarre’s main inspirational values are linked to loyalty, understood to mean the capacity to stand by commitments even when conveniences change; transparency, understood as the capacity to act honestly in accordance with the rules of a community; and generosity, meaning the capacity to offer mutual help to satisfy shared, complementary and/or subsidiary needs.