Our partners Goikoa and Los Alecos join forces, together with Alejandro Miguel, to create GAM Family

With the aim of innovating, growing and serving consumers with ever-changing trends, but without losing any of its family origins based on hard work and effort, doing things well and seeking quality as the highest principle, our associates Goikoa and Granja Los Alecos have joined forces to create GAM Family together with the Riojan company Alejandro Miguel, integrating livestock farming, meat selection, production and marketing into a single group.

The group, which has a turnover of 250 million and a presence in 50 countries, is a “family project with a desire for continuity, backed by the strong specialization of each of its members”. An alliance, in short, “that will allow us to continue to be close to our customers, but with greater capacity and agility to meet any type of demand, both within and outside the national borders”.