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Our partners Goikoa and Los Alecos join forces, together with Alejandro Miguel, to create GAM Family

2022-01-21T12:52:05+01:00Friday, January 21, 2022|Uncategorized|

Our partners Goikoa and Los Alecos join forces, together with Alejandro Miguel, to create GAM Family With the aim of innovating, growing and serving consumers with ever-changing trends, but without losing any of its family origins based on hard work and effort, doing things well and seeking quality as the highest principle, our associates Goikoa and Granja Los Alecos have joined forces to create GAM Family together with the Riojan company Alejandro Miguel, integrating livestock farming, meat selection, production and marketing into a single group. [...]

The ALISSEC project kikcs off, “Design of healthy and sustainable food and ingredients from the circular economy”

2021-12-30T12:48:04+01:00Thursday, December 30, 2021|News, News, News, News, News, News|

The ALISSEC project, "Design of healthy and sustainable food and ingredients from the circular economy", starts up The ALISSEC project arises within the Agri-Food Cluster of Navarra (NAGRIFOOD) applying open innovation methodologies for the search for alternatives in the sustainable and affordable production of new ingredients and healthy foods. The project will take advantage of alternative crops and by-products generated in the region that provide a high content of protein, fiber and/or bioactive compounds of interest and that respond to specific nutritional requirements for the [...]

Navarre, the Basque Country and New Aquitaine jointly accelerate the digital transformation of the agri-food sector

2021-12-30T11:15:16+01:00Thursday, December 30, 2021|Uncategorized|

Navarra, the Basque Country and New Aquitaine jointly accelerate the digital transformation of the agri-food sector With 15 speakers and more than 80 registered participants, the AGROTIC HUB launch day took place, the first European cross-border consortium to accelerate the digital transformation of agri-food companies. The project is being led by NAGRIFOOD - Agri-Food Cluster of Navarra, together with CLUAE - Food Cluster of Euskadi and AGRISUDOUEST - Agri-Food Cluster of New Aquitaine. At the meeting, the diagnosis on the state of digitization of the [...]

Eroski and Basque Culinary Center recognize young talent

2021-12-30T11:10:03+01:00Thursday, December 30, 2021|Uncategorized|

Eroski and Basque Culinary Center recognize young talent Basque Culinary Center and Eroski recognize projects that are committed to sustainability and that are transforming the way of understanding food and gastronomy during the event "Eroski-BCC Onenak 2021 Awards". Martina Puigvert Puigdevall, chef at 'Les Cols' in Olot (Girona), Carlos Maldonado, chef at Restaurante Raices - Carlos Maldonado in Talavera de la Reina (Toledo) and Joseba Lazkano Jauregi, director of Gaintza Bodega and Hotel in Getaria (Gipuzkoa) have received the "EROSKI-BCC Onenak 2021 Awards" aimed at [...]

Internationalization Day 2021 brings together more than 150 people around digitization

2021-12-30T11:06:19+01:00Thursday, December 30, 2021|News|

The Internationalization Day 2021 brings together more than 150 people around digitalization The Internationalization Day, which was opened by the Minister of Economic Development of Navarra, Mr. Mikel Irujo, addressed, this past November 8, digitalization and how it affects the internationalization process in a comprehensive manner. In addition, there was space to learn about and register for the new programs of the International Plan of Navarra 2021-2022, or to hold meetings with speakers and specialists in the priority markets of the International Plan of Navarra. [...]

Premiada ‘Go Savefood’, iniciativa en la que participa Nagrifood

2019-02-12T13:25:16+01:00Tuesday, February 12, 2019|Uncategorized|

El Congreso Nacional de Clusters 2018 celebrado recientemente premió ‘Go Savefood’, iniciativa de Innovación Colaborativa en la que Nagrifood participa con organizaciones de otras siete comunidades autónomas. En concreto, ‘Go Savefood’ busca impulsar la bioeconomía a través de la reducción de los desperdicios alimentarios que genera la industria. Para ello, su grupo operativo se ha marcado como principal objetivo establecer estrategias y potenciar la puesta en marcha de actuaciones que permitan reducir significativamente las pérdidas de alimentos y conseguir, a medio y largo plazo, un [...]

NAGRIFOOD continúa su crecimiento y ya alcanza los 70 socios

2019-02-12T13:22:09+01:00Tuesday, February 12, 2019|Uncategorized|

Un total de 9 organizaciones se han incorporado recientemente a nuestro cluster. De esta forma, Nagrifood mantiene su crecimiento y ya suma un total de 70 socios. Desde aquí queremos dar la bienvenida y agradecer su apoyo y apuesta decidida por nuestra entidad a las recién llegadas: GRUPO IAN ULTRACONGELADOS VIRTO SA METRONICS TECHNOLOGIES SL PENTABIOL SL KIMBO SNACKS SL LABORAL KUTXA INYCOM BAIBA THE KITCHEN S. COOP. POSTRES ULTZAMA

Offer no. 1: Reduce transport costs to France (Economise dispatches)

2019-02-12T12:13:12+01:00Tuesday, February 12, 2019|Opportunities, Opportunities|

The Agrifood Cluster of Navarre (Nagrifood) has detected the need to launch this food-transportation to France group initiative, with the objective of reducing transport costs for businesses in this sector in Navarre. Therefore, the aim of this form is to identify the groupage and partial cargo needs of these agrifood companies in transportation to France. If you represent a company that is having difficulty transporting, or simply wish to reduce costs, fill out this short, no-strings questionnaire (approximate completion time: 3 minutes) and we will [...]

Demand no. 1: Mexican company producing pre-prepared dishes seeks Navarran companies to expand its range of products in Mexico

2019-02-12T12:14:17+01:00Tuesday, February 12, 2019|Uncategorized|

A Mexican company with well-established roots in the north of Spain, which creates and commercialises ready-to-eat frozen and chilled pre-prepared dishes, is seeking Navarran companies so as to expand its range of products and to market them in Mexico. Special interest in companies offering pre-prepared chilled and/or preserved dishes (for example: omelettes, fried food, salads, paellas/rice dishes, pre-prepared dishes with vegetables, pulses and/or meat, lasagnes, pasta, etc.). Frozen dishes will also be considered. If you are interested in receiving more information, e-mail us on cluster@nagrifoodcluster.com [...]

Demand no. 2: Innovation in the flavoured sparkling water market

2019-02-12T12:14:36+01:00Tuesday, February 12, 2019|Opportunities|

Un importante fabricante británico de refrescos busca nuevos métodos para diferenciar agua con gas de sabores mediante nuevos conceptos tecnológicos y especialmente soluciones innovadoras relacionadas con el sabor, agua, burbujas o envasado. La empresa busca ingredientes innovadores, nuevas tecnologías de procesamiento y conceptos que permitan un cambio significativo en el mercado de agua con gas de sabores. La cooperación con socios industriales o académicos dependerá de la fase de desarrollo, e incluye acuerdos de cooperación técnica, licencia y comercialización con asistencia técnica. Límite 01 Dic 2018 [...]