Competitiveness Support Initiative

During 2017, the Agrifood Cluster of Navarre focused its attention on updating and activating its Strategic Plan, specifically by implementing the launch phase and drafting the internal system regulations. To do this, it had the collaboration and technical support of MIK – Mondragon University, and the Cluster Manager’s outsourcing, a promotion service outsourced to the CNTA (National Centre for Technology and Food Safety).

The aim of this project was to identify the potentialities of the cluster, to visualise its uses and to design its main characteristics so as to ensure the Agrifood Cluster of Navarre’s competitiveness within the framework of the new 21st century economy, whilst aligning it with the contents of the S3 strategic framework “Smart Specialisation Strategy”, designed by the Government of Navarre.

In this launch phase of the Agrifood Cluster of Navarre, interviews were conducted to identify, select, recruit, motivate and train the first group of relevant agents representing the different sector interests, partner companies and other bodies, that constituted the basic core with which the catalysers – MIK Mondragon University and the Cluster Manager – could interact to develop the complete project with its four phases: analysis, diagnostics, conceptualisation and design of the strategic plan. The selection of this core was made based on the individual skills and competencies shown by the potential components, also trying to ensure they were representative of the different dimensions and sensitivities of the value chain, including technology centres, universities, associations, etc. Work groups and meetings with other clusters from the region, other regions and other sectors were also held.

On the other hand, based on the Cluster’s structure and the generation of a consolidated organisational culture, efforts were made to explore the settings to detect opportunities and to identify competitive and innovative pilot projects within them. The aim was to attract new agents to get involved in the organisation and strategic partnerships, thus contributing transversally in the generation of resources to fulfil the objectives for which the Agrifood Cluster of Navarre was created.


  • Update the Agrifood Cluster of Navarre’s Strategic Plan to consolidate it as a cluster and to strengthen its position on a regional, national and international level.
  • Activate its external projection and internal organisation (in the start-up phase), involving all partner companies and the entire agrifood value chain in general.
  • Adapt the operational structure of the cluster, aligning its strategic plan and increasing its co-funding capacity.