Aqua-GIS Project: Identification of innovative projects for smart and sustainable management of the water cycle in the food sector through digital technologies

The Aqua-GIS Project is an initiative in which the Agri-Food Cluster of Navarra (NAGRIFOOD) participates as a partner, together with the Food Industry Association of Castilla y León (VITARTIS), the Catalan Water Partnership (CWP) and the Association of Knowledge Industries and Applied Technology of the Basque Country (GAIA).

The objective of the project is to promote the implementation of collaborative initiatives and projects between food companies and companies with expertise in water management technologies to improve the efficiency of water management in the food industry.

Within the framework of this project, on January 26, a webinar was held on “Successful cases in the intelligent and sustainable management of water in the food industry”, where several practical cases of application of intelligent control for water management in the meat industry, recovery of chlorides in the sugar industry, compact water treatment plants, etc. were presented.