Agrifood Cluster of Navarre

The Agrifood Cluster of Navarre (Nagrifood) is a non-profit organisation that aims to contribute to ensuring that Navarran agrifood companies increase their competitiveness, and subsequently that of the sector, by developing inter-cooperation, open innovation and intra-entrepreneurship.

It is an advanced technological instrument open to all kinds of companies involved in the Navarran agrifood sector value chain, regardless of size or the subsector in which they participate. It also welcomes collaborations from other entities, such as business associations, universities, technology and training centres, as well as public and private institutions. It is a fundamentally dynamic organisation, with its cornerstones firmly entrenched in loyal interaction between its members. It also gives priority to establishing collaborative and inter-cooperative relationships with other entities, clusters with similar objectives from the agrifood sector and other cross-cutting sectors, such as knowledge, nutritional health, biotechnology, the environment, the digital industry, cybernetics and positional marketing.

The Agrifood Cluster of Navarre has received national recognition from the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness AEI “Innovative Business Group”, awarded to groups whose strategic plan is considered to be excellent.

million euro turnover
% of the Navarran GDP