Project Description

Aceites Urzante

URZANTE S.L. is a family company that started trading in olive oil in Navarre’s Ribera region in 1950. It currently produces, packages and markets more than 100 million litres of vegetable oil (olive oil, virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower, seed, etc.) a year.

The company exports a range of products to retail chains, HoReCa and the food industry in more than 60 countries. URZANTE is now one of the 6 largest vegetable oil packaging companies in Spain and an industry leader in the international arena. It is based at CAT (Agrifood City of Tudela), where it has warehouses, mills, a refinery and laboratories for oil tasting and analysis to ensure the quality and traceability of its products from the field to the final consumer. The company has several departments and employs more than 120 people of different nationalities.