Competitiveness Support Initiative

Specifically, in recent months a mapping has been carried out to identify all the companies included in the sphere of the cluster, and to contribute to correctly defining the field of action.

Once the cluster’s companies and agencies from the relevant sphere have been mapped out, a strategic analysis will be carried out in which local and international strategic business options will be identified, helping the establish a future vision of the cluster Initiative. Finally, a future vision will be put forward and agreed upon with the companies, as well as an action plan including both support actions – so that companies improve their individual strategies – and in particular collective-type actions and/or local actions. This phase seeks to define a future management and governance model (or will improve and adapt the existing one where applicable). Therefore, the project focus is eminently practical.

The methodology used considers managing two essential elements in the sectorial or cluster competitiveness support projects: the strategic analysis of the business in which the companies compete; and the management of the entire joint work process within a cluster dynamic in order to promote company implication and strategic change.

At the same time, at an early phase, an in-depth study of the cluster value system is required. The main active principles that could support the system when it comes to defining a future positioning that develops competitive differentiation can therefore be established.