Agrifood Cluster of Navarre

TERMOSELL40 Project: The food industry uses artificial vision to increase the quality of thermosealed packaging (chicken, poultry, etc.) that reaches the consumer

Recently, the MINECO approved funding for the TERMOSELL40 Project, aimed at industrial research on the application of artificial vision technologies to provide effective solutions to improve packaging processes in the agro-industrial sector.

The objective of the project is the development of a pilot equipment by the SME INNDEO for the detection of quality problems in thermosealed chicken trays according to the quality criteria of the AN Group.

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The ALISSEC project, “Design of healthy and sustainable food and ingredients from the circular economy”, starts up

The ALISSEC project arises within the Agri-Food Cluster of Navarra (NAGRIFOOD) applying open innovation methodologies for the search for alternatives in the sustainable and affordable production of new ingredients and healthy foods.

The project will take advantage of alternative crops and by-products generated in the region that provide a high content of protein, fiber and/or bioactive compounds of interest and that also respond to specific nutritional requirements for the protection and improvement of health.

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AGROTIC HUB Project: Development of a Cross-Border Hub to promote the Digital Transformation of the agri-food sector

This is a pioneering initiative to support the value chain of this sector with the aim of improving its competitiveness through the digitization of its companies.

‘AGROTIC-HUB’, therefore, aims to open a new stage of cooperation in the agricultural and agri-food sector of the Euroregion from a more comprehensive approach, bringing together all subsectors and with a comprehensive view of the value chain. In this sense, it is intended to be the beginning of a long-term collaboration between the three regional clusters representing the sector. This was stated, at least, by those responsible after the signing this Friday of the agreement with the Euroregion which means the official launching of the aforementioned cross-border hub.

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NOVONIR Project: New low-cost miniaturized NIR technology for the determination of in-situ quality parameters in the meat sector

The “NOVONIR” project, which has been awarded to us by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, is oriented towards industrial research in NIR technology (near infrared spectroscopy) to develop miniaturized portable equipment which, through integration with artificial intelligence, allows for the non-destructive, precise and real-time control of quality parameters in manufacturing processes in the meat sector.

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Itineraries 4.0. Individualized Plan for Digital Transformation (PTD)

Project objective: to develop a diagnosis of their level of digital maturity and an individualized Plan for Digital Transformation (PTD) of NAGRIFOOD’s partner companies.

Aqua-GIS Project: Identification of innovative projects for the intelligent and sustainable management of the water cycle in the food sector through digital technologies

The Aqua-GIS Project is an initiative in which the Agri-Food Cluster of Navarra (NAGRIFOOD) participates as a partner, along with the Food Industry Association of Castilla y León (VITARTIS), Catalan Water Partnership (CWP) and the Association of Knowledge Industries and Applied Technology of Euskadi (GAIA).

The objective is to promote the implementation of initiatives and collaborative projects between food companies and companies with expertise in water management technologies, to improve the efficiency of water management in the food industry.

INVICON Project: Identification of challenges and collaborative initiatives of linkage with the consumer

The Agri-Food Cluster of Navarra (NAGRIFOOD) started in September 2020 a project on Consumer Engagement, subsidized by the Government of Navarra and with the collaboration of the consulting firm The Flash CO.

The main objective of the INVICON project is to identify challenges and collaborative initiatives of digital and non-digital consumer engagement among NAGRIFOOD member companies with a vision focused on the consumer, as the center of the strategy, to solve sectoral challenges from a global perspective.

Life Mcubo: Modeling, Measurement and Improvement of the environmental impact associated with water management in the food industry.

The Agri-Food Cluster of Navarra (NAGRIFOOD) collaborates in the European project LifeMcubo, framed within the LIFE 2015 call. This project is aimed at the priority area Environment and Resource Efficiency and the priority theme is Water.

The main objective, whose main partners are the Industry Association of Navarra (AIN), the School of Engineering of the University of Navarra (TECNUN), the Association for Research, Development and Innovation in the Agri-Food Sector (CTIC-CITA) and the Center for Technical Studies and Research (CEIT), is to reduce the environmental impact associated with water management in the 3 subsectors that consume more water in the food industry (meat, canned vegetables and juices).

Analysis and identification of business opportunities in the Food Service segment in the domestic market.

The Agri-Food Cluster of Navarra (NAGRIFOOD) has executed a project on the Food Service sector, subsidized by the Government of Navarra and with the collaboration of the Spanish Association of Commercial Codification (AECOC). The project consisted of three working sessions and individual interviews in which 17 associated companies were able to learn from experts in the field about the potential Food Service market and its channels in Spain, as well as to identify business opportunities in this segment in the Spanish market that can be translated into future projects of the cluster.


PROJECT: Innovative method for the detection of pathogens in food processing in industrial plants based on massive data analysis and treatment.

Call for grants 2018 of the Program to support Innovative Business Groups (AEI) granted by MINCOTUR, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

Between the months of September 2018 and March 2019, a collaborative project was developed in the development of a new method for the detection of Listeria monocytogenes in meat processing plants in production line. INYCOM BIOTECH, INGECONTROL, the meat company ARBIZU , the CLUSTER AGROALIMENTARIO DE NAVARRA (NAGRIFOOD) and CNTA Centro Nacional de Tecnología y Seguridad Alimentaria participated in the project.

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AEI Project

From September 2018 to March 2019, the Agri-Food Cluster of Navarra focused on the coordination and management of its structure, on activating its Strategic Plan. To do so, it relied on the 2018 grants from the support program for Innovative Business Groupings (AEI) granted by MINCOTUR, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, which supports with public resources the innovation and business competitiveness strategies developed by Innovative Business Groupings (AEI) that are recognized as such as a result of their registration in the Special Register of AEI of the Ministry, as is the case of the Agri-Food Cluster of Navarra (NAGRIFOOD).

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Go Savefood Project

The GO SAVEFOOD​ Project has been chosen for funding within the calling for the creation of Supra-Autonomous Task Forces within the framework of the National Rural Development Plan 2014 – 2020, funded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).



Nagrifood actively collaborates in the Competitiveko project. This initiative focuses on strengthening the competitiveness of SMEs based on cross-border cooperation and the involvement of clusters, technology centres and economic development agencies from the French Basque Country-Aquitaine/Basque Country/Navarre.


Competitiveness Support Initiative

Thanks to support from the Government of Navarre via SODENA, the Cluster Development company is undertaking an in-depth study of the agrifood sector in Navarre, which is set to contribute by driving forward the cluster policy to the benefit of members.


Lanzamiento del Clúster Agroalimentario de Navarra:
actualización y activación de su plan estratégico

During 2017, the Agrifood Cluster of Navarre focused its attention on updating and activating its Strategic Plan, specifically by implementing the launch phase and drafting the internal system regulations. To do this, it had the collaboration and technical support of MIK – Mondragon University, and the Cluster Manager’s outsourcing, a promotion service outsourced to the CNTA (National Centre for Technology and Food Safety).